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date 04/07/2015 author Kelli Johnson category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

April and May will focus on my Academic and Career Standards. We will first be talking about test preparation and anxiety before the students take the Iowa Assessments. We will then move on to learning about careers. They will explore and get more information on career options.

Grades K-1
Lesson 1:

"Using your "Thinking Caps"
Book: Anti-Test Anxiety Society

Lesson 2:
Introduction to careers
Paws In Jobland

Lesson 3:
Paws In Jobland Career Quiz & Games

Lesson 4:
Career Centers

Grades 2-3
Lesson 1:
Book "Anti-Test Anxiety Society"
Make your own "thinking cap"

Lesson 2:
Paws In Jobland Quiz & games

Lesson 3:
"Blue or Pink"
Activity discussing gender roles in careers

Lesson 4:
Career Centers

Grades 4-6
Lesson 1:

"Rock that Test"
Make your own test 'rockstars'

Lesson 2:
Paws in Jobland Quiz and Games

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:
"Career Cafe"


February - Personal Safety

date 02/18/2015 author Kelli Johnson category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

February (and March) is Personal Safety months for classroom Guidance. Check out the lessons and topics that will be discussed below. Then, check out my blog for more information for parents.

Each class will be receiving 4 personal safety lessons:

Lesson 1 - K-3:

Recognizing feelings - especially uncomfortable feelings
*Read book "Today I Feel Silly"
*Play Game 'Counselor Johnson Says' aka 'Simon Says'
*Discuss our "Invisible Sirens"

Lesson 1 - 4-6:
Understanding Physical Abuse

*Watch video series "If it Happens to You"
Lesson 2 - K-1:
Stranger Danger

*Discuss prior knowledge of Stranger Danger
*Watch Video

Lesson 2 - 2-3:
Stranger Danger

*Discuss prior knowledge of Stranger Danger
*Watch Video
*Personal Safety Plan

Lesson 2 - 4-6:
Understanding Verbal Abuse

*Watch Video Series "If it Happens to You"
*Worksheet: "Rachel's Story"

Lesson 3 - K-1:
Getting Lost

*Watch video
*Steps to follow
*Good strangers vs Bad Strangers worksheet
*Role Playing

Lesson 3 - 2-3:
Body Safety

*Read book: "My Body Belongs to Me"
*Discuss safe vs. unsafe touches
*Make Safety Posters

Lesson 3 - 4-6:
Understanding Sexual Abuse

*Watch Video Series "If It Happens to You".
*Discussion of keeping 'secrets' - Venn Diagram
*"Touching Rules"
*Discussion of trusting adults you can tell


Lesson 4 - K-1:
Body Safety

*Read Book "My Body Belongs to Me"
*Discussion of "Touching Rules"
*Worksheet to share at home

Lesson 4 - 2-6:


January-Peer Pressure

date 01/13/2015 author Kelli Johnson category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

In January, all students at Jacobson Elementary are learning about Peer Pressure. We will be learning about the 2 types of Peer Pressure : Spoken and Unspoken. The older students will be learning the "Peer Pressure Bag of Tricks" to help them identify peer pressure right away. Here is a glance at the lessons per grade level.

K-1: Watching the Berenstain Bears video called "Double Dare" to identify Peer Pressure. We will then be using the age-old "Stop and Go" game to decide what the best choice might be.

2-3: Learning the difference between spoken and unspoken peer pressure. (Link to powerpoint presentation is below) We define all words and then, in groups students read and discuss peer pressure scenarios and the rest of the class decides if the example is "Spoken" or "Unspoken".

2-3 Powerpoint Presentation

4-6: Older students will be learning the difference between spoken and unspoken peer pressure, but also the "Peer Pressure Bag of Tricks" in identifying what tactic is being used. The bag of tricks consists of peers using: rejection, put-downs, reasoning, "the look", an example, or a huddle. They will learn this via Powerpoint (A link to the Powerpoint is listed below). Then the students will read through and 'act out' scenarios regarding peer pressure. The rest of the class will be analyzing the scenarios.
4-6 Peer Pressure Powerpoint

Year At A Glance

date 01/12/2015 author Kelli Johnson category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

This chart is meant to show you my general schedule including themes and lessons for each month. This schedule is as up-to-date as I currently am. :)

Guidance lessons are done Bi-monthly and I travel to each classroom. 

Beginning in January, you will be able to see more detailed contact in my lesson plans. Stay tuned. 

Building Wide Expectations
Bronco Pride Academy
Goal Setting
K-3 – Mr. Potato Head
4-6 – Scavenger Hunt
K-3 – LT/ST goals (Ball Activity & 25 yo picture)
4-6 – SMART goals (Ball Activity & Retirement Announcement)
Self Esteem
K- Magic Box & self portrait
1-3 – Loretta Ace & Strenghts drawing
4-6 – Personal Inventory/Popularity Rating
K-1 – Blanket Drop
2-6 – Animals R Us
*November 16-22 – Bullying Week
K-Bucket Filler
1-3 Bully Beans
4-6 – Definition & Roles
K-1 – Stop/Talk/Walk
2-3 Toothpaste/ Tower Activity
4-5 – Apple/Tower Activity
6 – Supply differences (3 boxes)
Bullying Cont…
K- Tattle Tongue – Big Problems vs. Small Problems
2-3 - Types of Bullying
4-6 - Types of Bullying
K- Book “How to deal with bullies” & Rudolph
1 – “Pop” Quiz/ Rudolph
2-3 – “Pop” Quiz & Kindness BINGO
4-6 – Bullying Jeopardy

Peer Pressure
K-1 – Berenstain Bears video & Stop& Go game
2-3 –“I Bet you Can’t Laugh”/Scenarios
4-6 –“I Bet You Can’t Laugh”/Scenarios
K-3 – Bottle Activity/ Don’t Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus
4– Noodle Activity/ Peer pressure posters
5-6- Makebeliefcomix