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This is for all members and parents of the BK Speech Team! We will list important announcements and other things here!

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2016 State Large Group Speech Schedule

date 02/01/2016 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Hello!  The schedule has now been posted for our competition in Waterloo West.

Our first group, Iran Carlos & Mariah Smith's improv, performs at 12:40 PM.  Readers Theatre performs at 1:20 PM.  The improv group of Shaila McDaniel, Abby Nelson, and Sam Wester performs at 2:50 PM.

We will be leaving Belmond at 9:00 AM for Waterloo.  Please do NOT be late, speech group!

Thanks so much!

Miss Greene

2016 State Large Group Speech

date 01/29/2016 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment


We are excited to announce that we have three events moving on to State Competition at Waterloo West on February 6th!

The group improv team of Iran Carlos and Mariah Smith, the group improv team of Shaila McDaniel, Abby Nelson, and Sam Wester, and the Readers Theater team of  Cloe Brown, Emilee Eivins, Janeth Martinez, Maddie Mason, Shaila McDaniel, Sellah Mosisa, Grace Ritter, Jane Roberts, Easton Smith, Mallory Sopher, Sam Sturgeon, Grace Wertjes, and Allison Wessels.

Mrs. Bock will release a parent letter detailing the event as soon as the schedule is released and I will update this blog!  We hope to see you in Waterloo in support of our amazingly talented speech team!

-Miss Greene

2016 Large Group Speech Schedule

date 01/20/2016 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

It's that time of year again!  District Large Group Speech is here!  We'll be competing in Britt on saturday, January 23.  

The speech bus is leaving at 6:15 from the main parking lot at the high school.  Make sure you have all of your props, costumes, scripts (Reader's Theater), money for concessions, and anything else you might need.

The competition schedule is as follows:

Large Group District Speech Schedule
8:30 AM        One Act: Miss Polly’s Institute for Criminally Damaged Young Ladies ᶲ
12:40 PM     Reader’s Theater: But We Don’t  ?
12:45 PM     Group Improv: Nelson/Sorenson/Blackburn ᴥ
1:20 PM        Musical Theater: Stepsister’s Lament ?
2:00 PM        Group Improv: Nelson/Wester/McDaniel ᴥ
2:30 PM        Group Improv: Carlos/Smith ᴥ
2:40 PM        Musical Theater: Maria ?
            ᴥ Center 1 – Group Improvisation
            ?Center 2 – Musical Theater
            ᶲCenter 6 – One Act
           ?Center 7 – Reader’s Theater

We all need to be on our best behavior and exhibit exemplary sportsmanship.  Remember to be supportive of your teammates and watch them compete if you are not competing or on deck.   

Thank you for all of your hard work and break a leg!

-Miss Greene

2015 Large Group Speech Karaoke

date 04/28/2015 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Here it is ladies and gentleman!  The nearly 11 minutes of karaoke as performed by the 2015 Large Group Speech Team!


2015 State Individual Speech

date 03/09/2015 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

This Saturday, March 14, we are attending State Individual Speech at Starmont High School in Arlington, Iowa.  We have several students participating this year in contest.

Please join us to support our talented students as they compete to earn a place at All-State Competition in Cedar Falls!

Miss Greene

2015 District Individual Speech

date 02/27/2015 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Don't forget that District Individual Speech in Clear Lake is tomorrow!  Be sure you bring all of your materials with you, dress appropriately, and money to eat!

We have 23 students and 30 events.  There is a better than average chance that Mrs. Bock and I will not be able to be with you at your competition.  Be sure to keep your judges sheet with you and DO NOT lose it!

Remember that we are guests at Clear Lake tomorrow.  Behave like young ladies and gentleman, remember to be quiet in the hallways, pick up your trash, and be kind.  Treat others as you would want to be treated and remember to support your fellow competitors and show true Bronco sportsmanship.

Visitors and spectators are asked to provide a $3.00 entry fee.  Programs are available for $1.00 at the door.   Remember that contest center can run ahead of schedule and they will remain that way.  To be safe arrive at least 10 minutes before the performance you wish to see.

Good luck competitors!  Remember that our bus leaves PROMPTLY at 6:00 AM.  If you are not on the bus, you will be left behind.

-Miss Greene

2015 District Individual Speech Schedule

date 02/19/2015 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

The schedule is out for 2015 District Individual's!  We are starring 23 students competing in 30 events!  As coaches, we could not be more proud.  When at competition our school code is 106 for Varsity (10th-12th grade) and 107 (9th grade).  

I will use two abbreviations here in this post DT (draw time) and PT (performance time).  These two things apply to our Spontaneous Speaking and Radio News competitors.

  • Center 1:
    • 1:42 -- Hailey Barrus
  • Center 2:
    • 8:27 -- Mallory Sopher
    • 9:27 -- Nicole Huling
    • 10:36 -- Emilee Eivins
  • Center 3:
    • 10:18 -- Brady Bock
    • 11:09 -- Jane Roberts
    • 12:42 -- Grace Ritter
  • Center 4:
    • 1:49 -- Amanda Whitney
    • 2:28 -- Emily Griffioen
    • 3:07 -- Maddie Mason
  • Center 6:
    • 9:21 -- James Ennis
    • 10:42 -- Hailey Barrus
    • 3:21 -- Cloe Brown
  • Center 7:
    • 9:18 DT/9:21 PT -- Jacob Schroeder
  • Center 9:
    • 9:28 -- Mariah Smith
    • 9:49 -- Stef Naranjo
    • 10:00 -- Logann Elkin
    • 10:21 -- Emily Griffioen
  • Center 10:
    • 12:36 -- Mariah Smith
  • Center 11:
    • 8:24 -- Logann Elkin
    • 8:36 -- Lizzie Nelson
    • 9:48 -- Grace Ritter
    • 10:24 -- James Ennis
  • Center 12:
    • 9:48 DT/10:18 PT - Angela Benavides
    • 10:06 DT/ 10:48 PT - Albaro Lucio
  • Center 13:
    • 8:42 -- Ruby Mercado
    • 10:00 -- Morgan Schlicting
    • 10:21 -- Cloe Brown
    • 10:42 -- Alyssa Waage
    • 11:00 -- Eric Vestweber-Boots??

We look forward to seeing you all in Clear Lake on February 28th!  Come support these talented students as they compete to go to State!

-Miss Greene

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Congratulations Large Group Speech!

date 02/09/2015 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

As stated earlier, our Large Group Speech team competed in State Competition in the areas of Reader's Theatre & Group Improvisation.  Each group earned a collective Division II rating by earning two II ratings and a I rating from the three judges.

Although our 2015 Large Group competitions are completed, we are very proud of our students and their hard work.  In our first year of Large Group competition, we took 50% of our teams to State Competition where they competed among the best of the best and managed their best performances. 

We are truly lucky to have exceptional students in our speech program here at Belmond-Klemme.  We look forward to next year and expanding this program!

Be sure to stay tuned to Bronco Speech as now we begin the Individual Speech Competition!  On February 28th we take 30 events and 23 students to District Competition at Clear Lake High School!  As soon as we have time spots, we will let you know!

-Miss Greene

State Speech in Decorah!

date 02/06/2015 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Please join us tomorrow, February 7th, in Decorah for State Speech!  We have two events participating in State Competition: Group Improvisation & Reader's Theatre.

The Group Improv team of Amanda Whitney, Logann Elkin, and Mariah Smith compete against 96 other teams.  Their performance time is 2:36 in the Wrestling Room.  Please show this amazing group of young women your full support!  They were outstanding at District competition and continue to be as they practice.

The Reader's Theatre team consisting of Cloe Brown, Iran Carlos, Emilee Eivins, Logann Elkin, James Ennis, Nicole Huling, Maddy Mason, Jane Roberts, Sam Sturgeon, Allison Wessels, and Amanda Whitney will compete at State Competition against 33 other teams.  Please come and see our show, we've updated and refined. It isn't the same show you spotted at Districts!

We as a team, coaches and members, are exceptionally proud of the Bronco Speech team.  In our first year of Large Group competition, we managed to excel in all of our offerings in competition.  

Please don't forget that Individual Speech is upcoming!  We are overjoyed to announce that we have 30 events and 23 students going to District Competition in Clear Lake!  Stay tuned for an update on times and events!

-Miss Greene

BK Speech Team to go to State!

date 01/30/2015 author Melissa Green category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

We are proud to announce that we have two events advancing from District competition in Garner to State competition in Decorah, Iowa.  Events advancing are the Reader's Theatre performing How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying and the Group Improv team of Elkin, Whitney, & Smith.

We compete in Decorah on February 7th.  All Speech students and parents are welcome on the bus with us.  Eighth graders interested in speech may also attend. Students, please see Mrs. Bock for permission slips.  Be aware that there is a $3.00 entry fee for all visitors.  Money will also be needed for concessions for lunch, as we will not be leaving the building.

Please support BK Speech in Decorah on February 7th!

-Miss Greene