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November Newsletter 2016

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November 2016 Newsletter
Dear Belmond-Klemme Families:
            Whether we like it or not winter is fast approaching and so are the holidays. There are many exciting events for the month of November.  The colors for the month will be brown & blue and the shapes for the month will be rectangle & square.  Our letters we will introduce this month are F, G, & H.    Our unit of study will be “Day and Night” and “USA” and “Thanksgiving.    We will learn about animals of the night and things we do in the day and the night.  We will incorporate some patriotic activities and learn about the first Thanksgiving and family traditions, foods that we eat, and set up a market in our dramatic play center. 
The children and many of you parents shared what a great time you had completing the September and October projects.  We will be sending home a Family Holiday Activity for the upcoming Holidays.  With the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching we will be discussing how thankful we are about many different things in our young lives.  We want to emphasize how others may not be so fortunate and how we can all be helpful to one another.
Please have your child bring in a label from a food item to coincide with our Nursery Rhyme, “Old Mother Hubbard”.  One of the first words that children recognize is environmental print words.   An example of this is that they recognize the word “McDonalds, Movie Names, Food Item Words, etc.”  Please return to school the week of November 7th.       
Please send an extra set of winter clothes to keep in your child’s bag for those unfortunate “accidents”.  Please remember to dress your children for the weather as we try to go outside every day unless it is below zero.  It is smart to dress in layers then they can always take a sweatshirt off if they get too warm.   Please try to label all their outerwear. 
Thank you for participating in the parent-teacher conferences last month.  It was my responsibility to convey to you your child’s growth and learning and positive approaches to learning in a sharing atmosphere.   I want to express to all of you how wonderful the children are developing and experiencing new wonders.  This new experience for all the children to learn through play and interactions with materials and each other and teachers was not at all to be a “grade” but an opportunity to share and learn from each other.  As we move forward into the next quarter we will begin to work on implementing individual learning opportunities that were discussed at conference. 
            Upcoming Events:     
            November 2nd:             No AM or PM Preschool
                                                    (first  Wednesday of the Month)
            Week of November 7th:           (Bring in Food Label)
            November 8th:             Election Day Activities
            November 16th:            No PM Preschool (Early Out)
            November 17th:           Hearing Screenings-Preschool
            November 18th:           Wear Pajamas to Preschool Day!
            November 23rd – 25th : Thanksgiving Break
Mrs. Wineinger
I have included a brief synapses about behaviors from a Parent and Child Magazine that I thought was interesting and may or may not pertain to you or your child.
Having some behavior problems in young children is fairly common.  During the preschool years, children are learning and developing very rapidly, and children will have varying degrees of difficulty making these transitions.  Defiance and aggression, verbal as well as physical, are common behaviors, but are still behaviors that need to be handled appropriately by the child’s caregivers.  Some tips for managing problem behaviors in our children from Parent and Child Magazine include:
  • Being consistent: choose a consequence for problem behaviors, such as a time out, and give that consequence each time a child exhibits a behavior.
  • Anticipate problem times: if you know your child will be cranky and exhibit behaviors when he/she is tired, putting the child down for a nap at the same time each day and having a consistent bedtime and nighttime routine are things that may help.  Don’t take your child shopping when he/she is too tired or too hungry.
  • Use redirection or diversion: if two children are fighting over a toy, one might offer a different toy, or if a child is distraught that he/she can’t have something, bring the child’s attention elsewhere.
  • Offer choices: children like being independent, and making their own choices.  If a child is not responding to direction, offer redirection with a consequence, such as, “You may either put your toys away now, or have a time out.  It’s your choice.”
  • Enlist the child’s cooperation: children love to help.  Asking a child for assistance often makes them feel good about themselves and their abilities, and they are more likely to be positive.
November 2016
Challenging Behavior:  Toilet Training
            Learning to use the toilet is hard work for young children.  It’s hard for them to learn to control their muscles, and many times they are too focused on their play to stop and go to the bathroom.  Your child is not “bad” if they have an “accident”, it’s natural.  Try not to get upset with your child for having accidents:  it will only hinder their progress.  Children manage to learn to toilet train more easily if parents are patient with them.  Here are some helpful hints for toilet training:  let them help with the cleanup of the accident: it will help them learn that it takes work to cleanup.  Use positive reinforcement and praise when your child gets to the bathroom in time, such as “I’m so proud of you” or “What a big boy/girl you are.”   Remind them to stop to go to the bathroom during playtime; otherwise they may not want to.
*For more information go to www.challengingbehaviors.org

Friday Fun Note, September 23, 2016

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Friday Fun Notes
September 23, 2016
This week we made our Mary Had a Little Lamb puppet as we counted out 5 cotton balls.  We tossed the dice number cube and found the number 5 and performed a variety of motor activities 5 times.  (jump 5 times, touch the floor 5 times, spin our body around 5 times) etc. 
We have opened up all the centers at school.  The children are learning to share materials and be responsible for putting things away when they are finished playing with them.   We are still learning all the rules and routines.  They say it takes children 6 weeks to fully learn repetitive routines. 
We read the book, If You Take a Mouse to School, and we decorated a mouse headband and toured the school looking for cookies.  In the end, the “mouse” left a plate full of cookies in our room!  We also used scissors for the first time as we learned how to snip by making chocolate chip paper strips to glue to our cookie.  We learned how to use the glue by “Just a Dot; Not a Lot!”  I also introduced the Letter Aa this week.    The children stamped finger ants on their A’s.  At the conclusion of the year, their alphabet book will come home.   
Next week will be homecoming at Belmond-Klemme.  Earlier I sent home the celebration days.  We will participate in some of the activities.  However, I prefer that the children do not wear their pajamas on Monday.  We will have our own special pajama day in November when we study day and night.  So for Monday, the children can wear their favorite colored clothes. 
          Monday:  Wear their Favorite Color Clothes Day
          Tuesday:  Wear Blackout Day
          Wednesday:  Wear Wacky Wednesday Clothes Day
          Thursday:  Wear Favorite Sports Day
          Friday:  Wear School Spirit Clothes Day
The morning preschool will be able to participate in the pep assembly on Monday and the afternoon preschool will be able to go to the parade on Friday.  
Hoping for a DRY week-end and sunny next week!  

Mrs. Wineinger
641-444-4300, Ext. 1100

Friday Fun Note, September 16, 2016

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Friday Fun Notes
September 16, 2016
This week was our first full week in 3 Year Old Preschool!  It was a great full week.  We have been working on walking in a nice straight and spaced line in the hallways (YEAH! Without the Rope)!  Thank you all for having this third week of preschool be so wonderful!  When we line-up to go out of our classroom the children have learned this rhyme:
My feet are standing on a shape,
I am standing very tall.
My arms are hanging by my side,
I am ready for the hall!
We have been learning about our school-Belmond-Klemme and emphasizing the colors blue and green.  The children painted banner paper and made their first letter of their name adorned with blue and green crepe paper.  I hope you enjoyed learning about “Give Me 5” when the children brought home their individually made 5 hand.  Our carpet rules and listening rules consist of 5 basic rules:  Sit on Bottom; Hands in Lap; Eyes on Teacher; Mouth is Quiet; and Ears are Listening.  We have really been working on self-control.  The choices within the early childhood classroom promotes self-control through games and activities so that young children learn through their interactions with others/materials/and teacher.   “There’s a study by Meghan McClellan that uses self-control as a very important predictor of school readiness and school success and showing that during the early childhood years, if children make improvement in their self-control, then they also improve in the kinds of measures of math and literacy that they’re being assessed on.”
Also, your child was able to check out a library book from our Jacobson library.  ALL library books are do EVERY MONDAY!  You may have heard the children mention “Bubble Time…”?  This is usually part of opening when we have “special times” at school.  These are a variety of bagged manipulative toys that they work on and assemble into some sort of creative masterpiece! 
Next week I will introduce the letter Aa and do some apple activities.  The children will be doing some painting.  They do wear art smocks, but I know that paint will get on their clothes.  Please, please do not send your child to preschool in good clothes.  Their world at preschool is MESSY!
Believe it or not, we have parent teacher conferences already the first week of October.  They will be scheduled for 15 minutes between the hours of 3:00 to 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 4th and Thursday, October 6th.  During that week, preschool will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The Tuesday & Thursday PM class will dismiss at 1:45 pm on 10/4 & 10/6.   On Wednesday, October 12th then there is NO AM OR PM Preschool.  I will send home the conference schedule next week.  If there is a better day that works for you, please let me know before Friday, September 23rd and I will attempt to work around your schedule.
Mrs. Wineinger
641-444-4300, Ext. 1100 

Friday Fun Note, September 9, 2016

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Friday Fun Notes
September 9, 2016
We are off to a great start in 3 year old preschool.  It has been a very busy 5 days!  The children are getting acquainted with each other, the teachers and all the fun, new materials within the classroom.
I have started out introducing our learning interest areas (Centers).  So far, we have talked about the reading, playhouse, sand table, water table, play-doh, some blocks, games and the art center.
This week we learned the “catchy” Rhythmic Rhyme:
Hickety, Pickety Bubble Bee
Can you say your name for me?
Let’s all say it…
Let’s all clap it…
Let’s all tap it….
Let’s all whisper it…
We accomplished making a circle on the carpet and passed around the bumble bee.  EVERYONE said their name ALOUD!  I have a feeling that their shyness will soon be gone.
We have also had some practice using variety of mediums during our table work small group time.  The students all made a Wheels on the Bus.  They are displayed in the display case in the front foyer.  I introduced the “purple” glue stick.   I also have been introducing the number 3.  Example would be use at least 3 colors, count out 3 tissues to stuff your individual school bus, and songs and movements using the number 3!   Soon I will introduce actual glue and then scissors that cut paper!  We are on a roll!
Also, the children have enjoyed sharing the family project-The Hand Print Activity that you all received at the home visit.  If you have not yet had an opportunity to do it, please try to return it next week. 
Attached is also the snack schedule.  If providing snacks 2 times a month is a hardship, please let me know, as BK may have some funds available.  The milk is included in preschool daily.
Next week, I will continue to gradually open all the Centers while we learn how to share and take turns and put materials away.  For these 5 days of preschool, I can reassure you with confidence that most will adjust to this new, magic place of learning shortly.  I feel so blessed to be their classroom teacher. 
Thank-you for checking your child’s folder daily!
Bronco Pride
Mrs. Wineinger
641-444-4300, Ext. 1100

3 Year Old 2016-17 Information

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3 Year Old Preschool 2016-17 Families
Families have registered for preschool and have signed up for required home visits.  If you have not yet done so, please call the school to make those arrangements. Mrs. Wineinger and Mrs. Sifert along with their teacher associate are looking forward to meeting all the children and their families at the home visit.  A lot of information will be shared at that time.   An open house is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31st from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. At that time, students and their parents can tour the classrooms and bring their preschool supplies.  
Preschool will start on Thursday, September 1st!