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Standard One: Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance and support for implementation of the school district's student achievement goals.

date 02/16/2017 author Callie Stein category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

1a: Provides evidence of student learning to students, families, and staff.

Evidence: At the start of the school year I created/modifies virtual data walls for the K-12 district in order for teachers to have a central location for evaluating student performance and needs.  Due to confidentiality, the link to the google sheet is not included.

Reflection: In order for teachers to make data-driven decision regarding students' instructional needs, it is important to make accessing that data quick and convenient. Keeping records of student strengths, weakness, and scores in one place achieves that goal.  Included in the data wall are grades from specific content areas, lexile scores, district-wide assessment data, individualized identification (whether sped, EL, TAG, has a 504, etc.), as well as a place for teacher notes of concern.  

1b: Implements strategies for supporting student, building, and district goals.

Evidence:  From the start of TLC, we have maintained systems for implementing TLC goals (which are in turn the district goals) including Google School, Drive, and Curriculum Manager in order to achieve the goal of becoming a Google School and furthering Iowa Core Alignment.

Reflection: Utilizing the Google Classroom for all PD has modeled for teachers the many tools available to a Google School, as well as provided them opportunities on completing and sharing while using the tool.  Similarly, through planning time and updating of Curriculum Manager, we have kept teacher focus on the ICC standards related to their grade/content through regular updating.