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Ms. J's News for the Week of January 9th

date 01/09/2017 author Paula Jenison category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment


1. There is an early out at 1:00 on Friday to work on end of quarter grades.  Please feel free to check Parent Portal to see how your child is doing.

2.  ALL multiplication facts should be memorized with 100% accuracy at this time!  Please check to make sure your child has them memorized by using flashcards or by simply throwing out basic facts they multiply and see if they have the right answers.

3. I am also working with the kids to show more care in their daily work by working on their writing skills.  I prefer they use the cursive they learned last year but am even happy with NEAT print.  I would greatly appreciate any support you can give me at home as well!

Reading and Language this week

  • We will only have 20 words on our spelling list this week as we will be focusing on writing our personal narratives this week.
  • Grammar will consist of writing with correct verb tense, guide words, synonyms, and antoynms.
  • Reading block will consist of the writing process and the steps to writing a personal narrative.
  • This week we will be talking about shaping up, William Harvey, what our blood is made up of, what happens when we breathe in and out, the two main organs that make up our nervous system, why sleep is important, and what happens to all the water we have inside our bodies.
  • We will be talking about how we know if a number is divisible by a given number, determine whether a whole number is a multiple of another number, divide mutiples of 10, 100, and 1,ooo, and represent and solve division problems with up to a three-digit dividend numerically and with number disks requiring decomposing a remainder in the hundreds place.

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