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Ms. J's News for the Week of Jan. 30th

date 01/29/2017 author Paula Jenison category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment


1. A remineder that 2nd quarter grades were sent home with your child last week.  If you haven't seen them yet, you may want to ask them about them.

2. There will be an early out on Wednesday for Professional Development. (1:00)

3. Please remember to check Parent Portal.  It is a great way to stay on top of your child's progress throughout the quarter.  And due to it being flu season, when your child is absent, I always print out a sheet of the day's agenda and assignments that need to be completed. Feel free to ask your child to see them and support them in helping them get those assignments in.  The rule of thumb is that when absent due to illness, they are allowed 3 days to make them up.

Reading and Language :

??Story being read: Marven of the Great North Woods
Reading Strategy Focus: Problem-solution Frame
Grammar Focus: Irregular Verbs
Spelling Words: Words with the final long 3 sound

Social Studies:

We will continue learning about the geographic landforms and natural resources the Southwest Region has to offer us, and then we will complete the review questions for this chapter, fill out our study guides, and get ready to test over this first chapter. The kids are learning about the Grand Canyon and how it is a tourist attraction in this area.  They are also learning the difference between a plateaus and buttes, and the importance of oil in this region. Daily Oral Geography Sheet # 9 will be assigned on Monday and is ALWAYS due on the last day of the week for a weekly grade.  Please make sure your child is getting them completed.


We are still working with long division and using multiplication to check to see if our quotients are correct.  We have also been learning how to model division problems by using number disks as well.

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