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Ms. J's News for the week of February 6th

date 02/06/2017 author Paula Jenison category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment


  1. The Valentine’s party will be next Tuesday, February 14th from 2:15-3:00. The students will be making their Valentine’s bags here at school and can bring their Valentines next Monday the 13th . I have sent home a list of the student names for our classroom for those who wish to give them.
  2. Parent volunteers for the Valentine’s Party are Kate Hays and Brittany Walker.  Feel free to contact each other as needed.  We usually have a snack, a few games, and then allow them time to open their Valentines.  Please contact me if this does not work for you to help with the party.  That allows me time to plan. Thanks!
Reading and Language Arts:
  • Story title: The Last Dragon
  • Reading strategy focus: Drawing conclusions
  • Grammar focus: identifying adjectives that answer what kind and how many
  • Spelling list: words that have the final /j/ and /s/ sounds
  • Other skills covered: prefixes pre-, con-, and com-; vocabulary dictionary: suffixes –ful, -less, and –ly; and correcting sentence fragments
Social Studies:
  • This week, we will be completing our review questions over the SW region, filling out our study guides, and testing over the geography of this region on Wednesday.  The next Daily Oral Geography Sheet #10 will be assigned and due on Friday for a weekly grade!
  • The students will be learning how to multiply two-digit multiples of 10 by two-digit numbers using a place value chart, using the area model, and using four partial products.

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