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Ms. J's News for the Week of Feb. 20th

date 02/21/2017 author Paula Jenison category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment


  1. Conference slips are being sent home with your child this week.  Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for next Tuesday and Thursday for next week.
  2. Jump Rope for Heart is scheduled for Friday from 9:45-10:30 if you wish to participate with your child.  Just meet your child in the gym at that time.
Reading and Language Arts:
  • This will be review week over the reading strategies and skills that we have covered throughout our theme entitled “Problem-solvers”.
  • Spelling list will consist of words we have previously worked with as well.
  • Our test over the spelling words are scheduled for Friday.  There are 40 words on the list this time.
Social Studies:
  • Then next Daily Oral Geography sheet is assigned and due on Friday for a grade.
  • We will be wrapping up the unit on the SW Region this week as well and getting ready to test over it.  The review questions will be assigned on Wednesday for a grade, then we will fill out our review sheets and test over it.
  • We are beginning our next Module on geometry.  The students are learning about the important terms such as point, line, line segment, ray, arc, and angles.  They are learning how to draw, label, and identify them as well.

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