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Ms.J's News for the Week of May 1st

date 05/01/2017 author Paula Jenison category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Ms.J’s Newsletter for the Week of May 1st

  1. There will be an early out on Wednesday for Professional Development . (1:00)
  2. I am still missing some spring pictures that need to be returned.  I have sent home two notices.  Thank you!
Reading and Language Arts:
New Theme: Nature: Friend and Foe
Story : Salmon Summer
Reading Strategy Focus: Filling out a Directions Flow Chart
Grammar Focus: Adverbs
Spelling List: Three-syllable Words
Other skills covered: Multiple-meaning Words and Outlining
Social Studies:
Students will define the purpose of a map skill and compare small-scale and large-scale maps, describe the agricultural benefits of a long growing season, identify cash crops in the SE Region, and explain why the SE attracts tourists.
We will be reviewing for our Mid-Module assessment on fractions this week and plan to test on about Wednesday.  Then we will continue working with fractions that have unlike denominators.

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