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Ms. J's Newsletter for the Week of October 17th

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1. This week is Bully Prevention Week.  We will start off with a kick-off in the gym, buddy up with early elementary sometime throughout the week, flood individuals with Random Acts of Kindness, and Wear Blue on Friday.

2. There will be a 1:00 dismissal on Wednesday for Professional Development.

Reading and Language Arts:

  • Story to go with our new theme called "American Stories: Tanya's Reunion
  • Reading Strategy focus: Character Development Flow Chart
  • Grammar focus: finding and spelling singular and plural nouns
  • Spelling list focus: short and long /oo/ words
  • Tests all scheduled for Friday
Social Studies:
  • Continue learning about the 2016 Election
  • This week, we will be learning about the candidates, evaluating them, the qualities, issues, and a little bit about the electoral college,
  • Daily Oral Geography Sheet Week ! will be assigned and due on Friday!
  • Continue with adding and subtracting numbers through the millions using the standard algorithm, tape diagrams to represent the steps we take to solve multi-step problems, and use our answers in a complete sentence.

Tuesday's Assignments: 10-11-16

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1. Language Drops # 11 (8-14)

2.Spelling : WS p. 117 "ou and shwa o Sounds"

3. Grammar: WS p. 121 "Finding Proper Nouns"

Whole Group Reading:

1. CD : Tomas and the Library Lady p. 159

2. Flipchart: Event Map / WS p/. 112 (together)

3. Assignment: WS p. 113 "Check Your Memory"

Small Group Reading:

Group 2: Emma Rides the Erie Canal / Vocab

Group 1: A Storm at Sea / Read


1. TEST over Plants


3. Assignment:

Math Block:

1.Math Drops #6 (7-8)

2. Module #1 Lesson: 16

3. Assignment:

Computer Time:

1. xtramath.com 2. student.frontrowed.com



Ms. J's News for the Week of October 3rd

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  1. Parent-teacher conferences are this week on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-7:00 PM. Students will be dismissed at 2:00 on each of those days.

  2. No school on Friday!


Reading and Language Arts:

  • Students will read two mystery stories in this section.  They will learn the elements of a good mystery story.

  • We will discuss how mysteries differ from other stories. The plot is about a crime or an unexplained event; the main character uses clues to solve a mystery. One or more detectives are trying to solve a crime, detective work, such as finding evidence and questioning witnesses and suspects, and finding a solution to the mystery.

  • Vocabulary: case, clue, criminal, detective, evidence, solution, suspect, suspense, witness

  • Comprehension skill: Fill out story Maps, suspense and pacing, visualizing

  • Other skills: base words and endings, idioms, conducting an interview

  • Grammar focus: identify and write different kinds of sentences, making sentences more exact by adding phrases that answer the questions which and where?

  • Spelling List: More short and long vowel words



  • Students will learn about the various ways plants reproduce and how their seeds spread.

  • Students will work in cooperative groups to complete the review questions on p. A84-A85 (1-21)  It will be added to their life science grade for this quarter.



  • Students will use place value understanding to decompose to smaller units up to 3 times using the standard algorithm, and apply the algorithm to solve word problems using tape diagrams.

Ms. J's News for the Week of Sept. 26th

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1. This Homecoming Week.  You will find the Dress-up Days on the Belmond-Klemme website at bkcsd.org.
2. Please make sure your child reads 20 min. each evening.  I am checking every 2 weeks to see if they are getting their quizzes passed.

Reading and Language:

  • Theme Review for Journeys this week. We will be reading two short stories entitled "Chester Cricket's Pidgeon Ride" and " The Parcel Post kid".
  • We will be reviewing over  our grammar skills that were covered in this theme and spelling will consist of words we have already had.
  • Writing: This week we will be learning and practicing how to write a friendly letter.  Make sure your child has their address and the address they are going to send their letter to.  Also, send a stamp with them.
  • The students will identify the four basic needs of plants, explain how plants make food, give examples of plant adaptations, and explain how plant adaptations enable plants to survive in different environments.
  • Students will use place value understanding to fluently add multi-digit whole numbers using the standard addition algorithm and apply the algorithm to solve words problems.
  • Solve multi-step word problems using the standard addition algorithm modeled with tape diagrams and assess the reasonableness of answers using rounding.

Ms. J's News for the Week of September 20th

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1. Please make sure that your child is reading 20 minutes each evening.  I checked on Friday to see who had or hadn't taken a quiz over their free reading book in the past 4 weeks and several had not.  I will be checking to make sure your child has read and taken a quiz over their book every 2 weeks.  Remember, the more your child reads, the better the reader they become, and the more successful they become in and out of school!  

2. Please check to make sure your child knows their multiplication facts by heart as well. Just a few minutes each day will help your child become more successful in math as well.

3. Please make sure to check and ask for your child's planner to see if they have been using it on a daily basis.  Each day, I tell them the assignments to write down, cross off the assignment as it is completed, and if there is an incomplete, I put their names on the board as a reminder that I need a grade for the assignments by using the bottom box of their planners.

4. I printed off missing assignments sheets for those I was missing assignments for in the past 4 weeks and highlighted the names of them.  It is up to them to get them turned in.  Also, you can check Campus Portal to see what your child is missing and what their current grade is at this time in all their subjects.

Reading and Language Arts this week:

  • Story: By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Reading Strategy : Noting important details using a detail map
  • Other skills : Using Guide Words, word roots -tele and rupt
  • Grammar focus: identifying and locating common nouns
  • Spelling list: words that are homophone
Science this week:
  • Animal behaviors and adaptations and how they are used to meet their needs.
  • We will finish up the last lesson, complete our vocabulary sheet, review questions, and study guide by the end of the week.
Math this week:
  • Use place value understanding to round multi-digit  numbers to any place value using real world applications.
  • Use place value understanding to fluently add multi-digit numbers using standard algorithm and tape diagrams.
  • Solve multi-step word problems using standard algorithm, tape diagrams, and assess reasonableness by rounding.

Ms. J's News for the Week of September 13th

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1. Your child should be reading 20 min. each evening as I will be checking this Friday to see if they have taken their first RC quiz of the year over the book they have been reading at home.
2. Please make sure you check to see if your child knows all of their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts by heart.  There are many ways to practice them.
3. Your child needs to expect to take some homework home to be finished at home and returned the following day.  I have been teaching them how to use their planners since school began and have taught them how to cross off assignments as they are completed.  Please look on  their planners to see if this is getting accomplished each day. Anything not crossed off is work they need to complete at home and return the following morning.  Please set a time aside each evening to make sure your child is getting their work done.  Thank you!

Reading and Language Arts:
Story being read: "The Sinking of the Titanic" (nonfiction)
Reading Strategy Focus: Filling out Organizational Outlines using Nonfiction pieces
Other Skills Covered: How to use a Thesaurus, Dividing words into syllables, Writing by using mportant details from the story
Grammar focus: Writing compound sentences using commas and the conjunctions and and but.
Spelling list consists of words that have the short and long vowel sound of u
Tests over  Titanic will be Wednesday this week.

This week, we will begin our next life science unit on animal and plant behaviors and adaptations.  Students will learn that all living things have basic needs and use their different body parts to make adaptations in order to meet those needs.

This week, we will continue to work with using vertical lines to determine what a number is rounded to when it is in the 1,000's, 10,000's, and 100'000's place.  They will then compare the numbers and get ready to take a mid-assessment over the 8 lessons we have covered so far in Module I.

Ms. J's News Sept. 6th

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  1. There is an early out tomorrow at 1:00 for Professional Development.

  2. Make sure your child is reading 20 min. each evening as they should be quizzing every two weeks at the minimum over the books they are reading.

  3. Continue to practice memorizing multiplication facts as well.

Reading and Language:

  • Test over Grandfather’s Journey is on Wednesday (tomorrow).

  • Reading Skills test is tomorrow.

  • Spelling test is tomorrow as well.

  • The next story is a  nonfiction piece over the Titanic.

  • Reading Strategy Focus: How to make an organizational outline…

  • Grammar focus: Compound Sentences

  • Spelling focus: short u, yoo, oo words


  • 1,10, 100 thousand more or less than a number

  • Rounding numbers using a vertical number line

  • Use place value understanding to understand rounding numbers


  • Complete review questions today in cooperative groups

  • Fill out study guide tomorrow over classification

  • Test on Wednesday!

Reminders for the week of Aug. 29th

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1. Pictures are tomorrow! (Tuesday)  Please make sure to send their picture envelope with them or order them online.

2. We have a spelling test over the words that went with our story over Akiak Tuesday.

3. We will take a comprehension test over Akiak Tuesday. 

4. The Reading Skills Test will be on Tuesday as well.  I have informed all of them today about them.

Ms J's Newsletter for the Week of Aug. 22nd

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Ms. J’s Newsletter for the Week of August 22nd


  1. Picture day is August 30th!!!

Reading this week:

Theme : Journeys


Reading Strategy Focus: Story Structure

Vocabulary : Alaska Words

Grammar focus: Kinds of Sentences

Spelling list: short and long vowel a and e words

Other skills covered: Multiple-meaning words, parts of a book, and base words that end in -er and -est

Math this week:

-Interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison

-recognize a digit represents 10 times the value of what it represents

-name numbers within 1 million by building understanding of the place value chart and placement of commas for naming base thousand units.

Science this week:

Our first science unit will cover classifying living things.  We will learn how scientists classify living things, how animals are classified, and how plants are classified.  One way scientists classify living things is by basic body structures, such as backbones for animals or tubes for plants.

Writing focus for this theme:

We will learn how to write a personal narrative.


  1. Please remember to have your child read 15-20 min. every evening as part of their homework.

  2. It is time to work on memorizing our multiplication facts as well.

Ms. J's News for the Week of May 9th

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  1. We will be MAP Testing this week over reading, language, and math.
  2. Lunch at the Care Center on Wednesday.
Reading and Language Arts:
  • This week we will be connecting and comparing literature by reading two selections .  One is entitled “Lost on a Mountain Maine” and “The Volcano Disaster”. One is a nonfiction piece and the other is an example of science fiction.
  • We will be reviewing following directions, topic, main idea, and supporting details, and making inferences.  Other skills will include working with three-syllable words, suffixes –less, -ness, and –ion, word roots graph and tract, multiple-meaning words, analogies, and the parts of speech in a dictionary.
  • Our spelling list will be a review over all the words we have covered in our Nature: friend and foe, so the list will contain 40 words.
  • Grammar focus will also all consist of skills we have covered throughout our theme such as adverbs, comparing adverbs, prepositions, and subject and object pronouns.
  • We will continue our weather unit and learn about instruments used to measure weather conditions and how to read weather maps.  We will then get ready to complete our review questions over chapter 1, fill out our study guide, and get ready to test over it.
  • The objectives covered this week will be transitioning from four partial products to the standard algorithm for two-digit by two-digit multiplication.  The end of Module 3 Assessment will follow.  If time permits, we will begin Module 3 and learn some geometry.