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Reminder for Friday the 13th!!!

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    Please remember that at our last conference you signed a contract or discussed with  me the contract that stated that any students with failing grades, incomplete assignments for the quarter, and have 6 or more  PBIS forms filled out on them will not be able to attend the PBIS celebration on Friday of this week.  I have reminded the kids to get work completed, put their names on the board to remind them of work that is missing, and have printed out daily assignment sheets when they have been absent. It is there responsibility to make the effort to get these assignments in.  If they do not attend on Friday, they will be working in a quiet study hall instead until we return.
Ms. Jenison

Ms. J's News for the Week of January 9th

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1. There is an early out at 1:00 on Friday to work on end of quarter grades.  Please feel free to check Parent Portal to see how your child is doing.

2.  ALL multiplication facts should be memorized with 100% accuracy at this time!  Please check to make sure your child has them memorized by using flashcards or by simply throwing out basic facts they multiply and see if they have the right answers.

3. I am also working with the kids to show more care in their daily work by working on their writing skills.  I prefer they use the cursive they learned last year but am even happy with NEAT print.  I would greatly appreciate any support you can give me at home as well!

Reading and Language this week

  • We will only have 20 words on our spelling list this week as we will be focusing on writing our personal narratives this week.
  • Grammar will consist of writing with correct verb tense, guide words, synonyms, and antoynms.
  • Reading block will consist of the writing process and the steps to writing a personal narrative.
  • This week we will be talking about shaping up, William Harvey, what our blood is made up of, what happens when we breathe in and out, the two main organs that make up our nervous system, why sleep is important, and what happens to all the water we have inside our bodies.
  • We will be talking about how we know if a number is divisible by a given number, determine whether a whole number is a multiple of another number, divide mutiples of 10, 100, and 1,ooo, and represent and solve division problems with up to a three-digit dividend numerically and with number disks requiring decomposing a remainder in the hundreds place.

Ms. J's News for the Week of January 3rd

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   1. Welcome back to school!  It is going to be a great 2017! Please remember that we have an early out scheduled for Wednesday at 1:00 for our first Professional Development Day of the year 2017!

Reading and Language Arts this week:

  • We will be reading two short stories to sum up our theme on That's Amazing".  One is titled "The Borrowers" and the other is titled " Lord of the Fleas".  
  • All spelling, grammar, and reading stategies will be reviewed this week and applied to the stories we are going to be reading and discussing.
  • We will then be getting ready to write our personal narratives next week.
  • The only test scheduled will be the spelling test which should occur next Monday due to the short week we have. We are reviewing the list of words that we have previously had throughout this theme.
  • We will continue to work with the body systems this week.  We will learn about the skin, eating healthy, and the five senses.
  • Our Daily Oral Science sheet discusses the importance of our five sentences and will be assigned on Tuesday and due on Friday for a grade.  Look for a bright orange packet.......Students are to read the article and answer the questions that follow it for a grade.
  • We will review Module 3 Lesson #21 on division and area models and then continue onto our next few lessons on prime and composite numbers, associative properties, and divisibility rules.

Ms. J's News for the Week of Dec. 4th

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  1. A reminder to parents to make sure your child is completing their homework during the evenings.  Students should be memorizing their multiplication facts by practicing the  flashcards we made at school!  I have been quizzing them each day to check for progress.

  2. Please check parent portal to check on your child’s progress so far for 2nd quarter. This is a great way to hold your child accountable for staying on top of studying, completing daily work,and overall effort.  If you have not signed  up for this, please contact the office so they can help you do this.

Reading and Language Arts:

  • Story this week: “Cendrillon”

  • Reading strategy focus: Comparing and contrasting using a Venn Diagram

  • Spelling list: words that have the /er/ and final /l/ or /el/

  • Grammar focus: helping verbs and main verbs

  • Other skills: meaning of suffix -able, spelling table/pronunciation key

  • Tests scheduled for Friday!

Social Studies and Science:

  • Complete the Review questions over chapter 6 NE region

  • Fill out study guide and take test on Wednesday.

  • We will then be going back to science and learning about the body systems.  First systems covered will be skeletal and muscular systems.


  • Review over lesson 1-13 in Module 3 and take our mid-assessment over these lessons on Tuesday.  Your child will have a study guide to study from.

  • We will then continue with lessons #14 and 15 this week as we use our understanding of multiplication to learn how to divide.



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Ms. J's News for the Week of November 14th

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1. Remember to ask your child for their report card for 1st quarter grades.  They were sent home with them last week!
2. We have an early out on Wednesday for Professional Development. (1:00)
3. A reminder that there will only be school on Monday and Tuesday of next week with Thanksgiving break starting on Wednesday. 
Reading and Language Arts:
We will be reading the play entitled “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” this week.
We will discuss parts of a play, reading with expression as we become familiar with the characters in the play, and then follow up with the novel itself.
Grammar focus: Sentence writing
Spelling list: more homophones
Social Studies:
We will fill out our study guide on Monday and test over Chapter 5 on Tuesday.  We will then learn about the history of the Northeast Region.  The next Daily Oral Geography sheet #5 will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday for a weekly map skills grade.
Students are working with multiplying a 3 and 4-digit number by a 1-digit number by drawing place value disks, writing a matching expression using partial products, and then finding the value of each expression. The lessons following will introduce using the standard algorithm to multiply. 

Ms. J's News for the Week of October 31st

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1. Make sure to ask your child for their report cards at the end of this week. First quarter grades are due by Wednesday and should be available by the end of the week.  Report cards will be sent home with your child.

2. This Wednesday there will be an early out for Professional Development at 1:00.

3. A reminder that our fieldtrip to the NIACC theater will be on Friday morning and we will be back by noon. Sack lunches will be provided through the school at this point.

4. Please make sure your child is reading 20 minutes every evening to stay on top of their reading counts quizzes that they should be taking every 2 weeks.  Also practice multiplication cards for the 7's, 8's, and 9's!  We are now working with Module 3 which requires them to use their knowledge of basic multiplication facts in order to complete their assignments.  If they are memorized, that makes their daily work and assessments so much easier. With you helping me from home and also through practicing them at school, your child should be memorizing these with 100 % proficiency at this time of year.

Reading and Language Arts:

Theme: American Stories
Story being read: A Very Important Day
Story strategy focus: Filling out a Who? or What? Chart
Grammar focus: identifying and using singular and plural possessive nouns
Spelling list:  r-controlled words
Other skills covered: Choosing the right definitions, evaluating sources available to us, and picturing possessives
TESTS: all scheduled for Friday (Comprehension test over the story, skills test, and spelling test)

Social studies:

We are beginning to learn about the first region of the United States called the Northeast Region. The students will learn about the geography of this region such as the colorful seasons that are similar to ours in the Midwest, the many seaways and cities that exist in this region, and complete the vocab sheet that goes along with it.  The next Daily Oral Geography sheet #3 will be handed out on Monday and due on Friday for a grade.  Please don't let your child forget!


We are working with Module 3 this week which will consist of lessons on finding perimeter and area for given rectangles. The most difficult part of the lessons is knowing the formulas correctly, knowing how to multiply basic facts, and labeling each answer correctly.

Ms. J's News for the Week of October 24th

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  1. The Fall party is scheduled for Friday.  Thanks to Jonni Smith and Allison Rasmus for volunteering to help plan it on Friday.  We will change into our costumes at about 1:15 and go over to parade through the Care Center and Assisted Living around 1:30.  The school Fall parade is scheduled for 2:00 and the classroom party will follow until 3:00.

Reading and Language Arts:
Theme: American Stories
Story: Boss of the Plains
Reading Strategy Focus: Making Generalizations
Grammar Focus: More Plural Nouns
Spelling List: The /ir/, /ar/, and schwa /ar/ Sounds
Other Skills Covered: Suffixes –er, -or, and –ist
Social Studies:
We will be wrapping up our unit on the 2016 Election.  The students will fill out an Election Year Timeline, complete a crossword puzzle, do some coloring, and take a quiz over everything we learned about the year of election.  Daily Oral Geography Sheet Week 2 will be assigned and due on Friday for a grade!
We are beginning Module #3 in math and covering the formulas for area and perimeter.  It is very important that you check to make sure your child has all their multiplication facts , so get the flashcards out, dust  them off, and practice them each evening until they show mastery.  Only work on the ones they don’t know.

Ms. J's Newsletter for the Week of October 17th

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1. This week is Bully Prevention Week.  We will start off with a kick-off in the gym, buddy up with early elementary sometime throughout the week, flood individuals with Random Acts of Kindness, and Wear Blue on Friday.

2. There will be a 1:00 dismissal on Wednesday for Professional Development.

Reading and Language Arts:

  • Story to go with our new theme called "American Stories: Tanya's Reunion
  • Reading Strategy focus: Character Development Flow Chart
  • Grammar focus: finding and spelling singular and plural nouns
  • Spelling list focus: short and long /oo/ words
  • Tests all scheduled for Friday
Social Studies:
  • Continue learning about the 2016 Election
  • This week, we will be learning about the candidates, evaluating them, the qualities, issues, and a little bit about the electoral college,
  • Daily Oral Geography Sheet Week ! will be assigned and due on Friday!
  • Continue with adding and subtracting numbers through the millions using the standard algorithm, tape diagrams to represent the steps we take to solve multi-step problems, and use our answers in a complete sentence.

Tuesday's Assignments: 10-11-16

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1. Language Drops # 11 (8-14)

2.Spelling : WS p. 117 "ou and shwa o Sounds"

3. Grammar: WS p. 121 "Finding Proper Nouns"

Whole Group Reading:

1. CD : Tomas and the Library Lady p. 159

2. Flipchart: Event Map / WS p/. 112 (together)

3. Assignment: WS p. 113 "Check Your Memory"

Small Group Reading:

Group 2: Emma Rides the Erie Canal / Vocab

Group 1: A Storm at Sea / Read


1. TEST over Plants


3. Assignment:

Math Block:

1.Math Drops #6 (7-8)

2. Module #1 Lesson: 16

3. Assignment:

Computer Time:

1. xtramath.com 2. student.frontrowed.com