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Ms J's News for the Week of February 23rd

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1. A reminder that conferences will be held this week on Tuesday evening from 4-7 PM, Wednesday from 4-6 PM, and Thursday from 4-7 PM.
2. There will be no school next week due to SPRING BREAK.
Reading and Language Arts:

  • Theme: Heroes   /  Story: “Gloria Estefan”
  • Reading Strategy focus: “Making Judgments”
  • Spelling list focus: “Changing y to I”
  • Grammar focus: Object Pronouns
  • Other skills covered: Homophones and Sentence Combining with Pronouns
Social Studies:
  • Describe the climate of the SW region
  • Identify the adaptations needed to live in a dry climate
  • Explain the importance of oil to the SW economy
  • Apply geographic tools to interpret maps
  • Analyze maps to locate places on a grid system
  • Identify the sources of water in the SW
  • Describe the concept of supply and demand
  • Explain the importance of oil and the petro-chemical industry to the nation’s economy
  • End of the chapter Review questions
  • Daily Oral Geography sheet will be handed out on Monday and graded on Friday!
  • Complete Math Drops in the Bucket 43-45 this week.
  • Engaged New York: Continue with Module 3 Lessons 14-16
  • Solve division word problems with remainders
  • Understand and solve division problems with a remainder using the array and area models
  • Understand and solve two-digit dividend division problems with a remainder in the ones place by using number disks

Ms. J's News for the Week of Feb. 16th

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1. There will be an early out on Wednesday for Professional Development.(1:00)
2. Parent teacher conferences will be next week on Tuesday from 4-7 PM, Wednesday from 4-6 PM, and Thursday from 4-7 PM.
3. A special thank you goes out to the parents who helped with the classroom party on Friday!  It was greatly appreciated and the kids had an awesome time!
4. I have had several students with incomplete assignments lately, so please express the importance of using the daily planner to make sure they are getting their assignments crossed off each day. It is that time of year where work tends to be put on the back-burner, and it is also the time of year where they are being introduced to new standards as well. It is a good practice as parents to ask to see your child’s planner each evening to observe how well your child is filling it out and crossing off their daily tasks. It also shows your child that you are interested in what they are doing at school each day as well.
Reading and Language Arts:

  • We will be starting our new theme on Heroes this week.  Our first story is entitled “Happy Birthday, Dr. King!”
  • Reading strategy focus: Cause and Effect
  • Grammar focus: Subject Pronouns
  • Spelling List: Words with Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Other reading skills covered: meanings of prefixes and suffixes
  • Spelling test, comprehension test, and skills test are all scheduled for Friday.
  • We are still working in Module 3 and be working with lessons 12 and 13 this week.
  • We will be solving two-step word problems, including multiplicative comparison in lesson 12.
  • We will use multiplication, addition, or subtraction to solve multi-step word problems in lesson 3.
Social Studies:
  • The next region we will be studying in the United States is home of many snowbirds these days (the Southwest Region).
  • The next Daily Oral Geography sheet will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday as always.  The students are allowed to use their books, atlases, or the internet to locate the anwers.

Ms. J's News 2-9-15

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  1. Students are to decorate their Valentine’s boxes this week and bring them to school by Wednesday so that their classmates can deliver their Valentines by Friday’s party.
  2. We will be going to the Care Center on the Tuesday to play Bingo with the residents. (2:00-2:45)
Reading and Language Arts:
  • The spelling test, comprehension test, and skills test over “Sing to the Stars” story will be on Monday.
  • We will start our poetry unit on Tuesday.  Students will learn how to write a haiku, an acrostic, and a cinquain poem throughout the week.
  • Vocabulary will consist of terms commonly used when discussing poetry.
  • Spelling list will consist of more VCCV pattern words
  • Grammar focus will be working with using “exact” adjectives.
  • We will continue learning about the nervous and digestive systems.
  • Discuss how doctors fix broken bones, learn the different types of muscles we have, and learn how food is processed in our bodies.
  • By the end of the week, we will complete the review questions over the body systems and fill out our study guides to get ready to assess over them.
  • We will cover Module 3 lessons 9 and 10 for next week. 
  • We are reviewing writing standard numbers into expanded form, multiplying mentally, and using partial products as well as the standard algorithm for multiplication.

Ms. J's News 1-23-15

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1. Please make sure your child is practicing and memorizing their multiplication fact cards.  I am seeing the ones that have 7's, 8's, and 9's that many are struggling with.

Reading and Language:

  • Reading Strategy focus: Drawing Conclusions
  • Spelling List: Words that have the final /j/ and /s/ sounds
  • Grammar focus: Adjectives
  • Other reading skills covered: Prefixes pre-, con-, and com-
  • Correcting Sentence Fragments
Social Studies:
  • Current Events
  • Fill out study guide
  • Take Ch. 4 Test on Tuesday
  • Begin Science: The study of the body systems
  • Daily Oral Science:  Red, White, and Blue Working for You 
  • Math Drops in the Bucket#35-#37
  • Module 3 Lesson 5 and 6 ( Multiply multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000 by single digits, recognizing patterns; multiply two-digit multiples of 10 by two-digit multiples of 1- with the area model

Ms. J's Newsletter 1-6-15

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1. Please make sure to set time aside each evening to practice multiplication flashcards with your child.  Flashcards can either be made or purchased at our local stores for a very small price. We are now in our third module which is heavily focused on using our basic multiplication and division facts, so knowing them with 100% accuracy will help their lessons go more smoothly and be more enjoyable.  Knowing their facts with 100% accuracy will be a life-long skill that they will continue to use in the grade-levels that follow as well.

2. Please remember to set aside 20 minutes every evening for silent reading.  I have asked the students to take a quiz over their free reading book every two weeks, and making this a daily routine at home each evening will help them maintain this goal.  There are prizes for every 5 books they read and pass -----with grand prizes for the top readers at the end of the year!

We will begin our new theme in reading sometime this week.  It is called "Problem-solving", and our first story is entitled "My Name is Maria Isabel".  A problem arises when a new student arrives at school and the teacher doesn't pronounce her name correctly leading to her missing an important event being held at school.  Our grammar focus will be on "be" verbs such as am, is, are, was, were and identifying them and using them correctly in their writing.  The students already received their new spelling list that can be found on their planner.   We will also cover other various reading skills throughout the week as well.

In math we are working with finding perimeter and areas of given objects and shapes.  We are also practicing our multiplication math facts to help us calculate the area of these given shapes and objects as well.  PLEASE make sure to set time aside each day for practicing their multiplication flashcards!

In social studies, we will continue learning about the history and economy of the Southeast Region of the United States.  We will be reading about Colonial Williamsburg and the Civil War.  Their next Daily Oral Geography Sheet will be due as well for a weekly grade.