What are we learning about this week?

Reading: The first graders will continue to practice the skill of blending and segmenting phonemes in words. In addition to working on our r, l, and s-blends, the first graders will be introduced to the triple blends scr, str, spr, and spl. We will revisit the concept of sequencing events as our comprehension focus for the week.  Students will be asked to discuss and write about the order of events in a variety of stories.  We will do an activity to sequence the events that occur in the story Dog School by Joseph Bruchac.  Finally, we will continue to play a variety of games to review and practice our first 100 sight words.

Writing: First graders will respond to prompts in their journals focusing on our three big rules: capitals, periods, and finger spaces. They will sequence the events from a variety of texts in their journals using words such as first, next, and last. We will continue to discuss the difference between telling sentences and asking sentences, and identify punctuation needed for each type of sentence (i.e. periods or question marks). 

 Math: We will spend the week reviewing key skills from Module 2. These skills include: counting on, drawing a picture, making- or taking-from ten, identifying and/or creating equivalent number sentences, and using place value to add a single number to a teen number.  We will have our practice assessment on Thursday and End-of-module 2 assessment on Friday. 

Social Studies/Science: We will continue our unit on geography.  The first graders will get to color a map of our country, as well as a map of our world. They will continue to practice using directionality words such as right, left, above, under, behind, in front, and so on.  At the end of the week, students will demonstrate an understanding of these directionality words by doing a graphing activity.  Students must listen carefully to directions to make marks along a graph.  If they follow all directions, they will end up with a surprise picture at the end.

Spelling Test Dates
  • Red Group: Friday (12-19)
  • Yellow Group: Tuesday (12-13)
  • Green Group: Thursday (12-15)