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Kuhlers' Kool Kids Kuhlers' Kool Kids
2015 - 2016 School Year



January 11- January 15

Reading - the story this week is called "Ant". It is a non-fiction book that examines the physical characteristics, life cycle, and natural habitat if various types of ants.

Spelling Words -  (words that end with nd, ng, or nk.
king, thank, hand, sing, send, think, bring, bang, end, thing, grand, young.

Language - (skills) text organization, base words and endings in nouns (s, es, ies), high-frequency words, singular possesive nouns, using a thesaurus,
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January 18th - January 22th

Reading - This weeks story is called The Great Ball Game.  In the story two groups agree to play a ball game in order to end a quarrel. Each group believes it has an advantage over the other one. Both groups agree that the winners may set a penalty that the losers must accept.

Spelling Words - boat, cold, road, blow, gold, old, load, snow, hold, most, toe, do, goal, rainbow.
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January 25th - January 29th

Skill review week - no reading test. Skills to review are: drawing conclusions, connecting and comparing text, dictionary entry words, pronouns, using a thesaurus, singular possessive nouns, etc.

Spelling Words - farm, bring, hold, park, thing, boat, smart, sing, snow, yard, thank, blow, load, party, hand, most, cold, think, send, road, department, grand, young, goal, rainbow. Speling Test on Friday.
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November 9th - November 13th

Reading - Our story this week is called "A Trip to the Firehouse".  Students will learn more firehouses and fighting fires.

 Spellling Words - (long a words) train, tray, mail, play, trail, pay, sail, hay, nail, rain, they, great, snail, subway.

Skills - compound words, high-frequency words, special nouns, topic, main idea, and supporting details, beginning, middle, and end of the dictionary, consonant digraphs.

Science -

September 28 - October 2


Each student has a reading goal of reading and quizzing on 2 books a week. If they are reading chapter books just 1 book and quiz.

Reading Theme -( Nature Walk) The nature walk , though, is a reading nature walk. You won't need binoculars, only your book. This weeks story is Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night.  Henry, his dog Mudge, and Henry's parents take their annual camping trip to Big Bear Lake.
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