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12:30 Dismissal

Friday, January 15 (tomorrow!) will be a 12:30 dismissal!!!  It is also National Hat Day.  The kindergartners may wear hats to school!

1:00 Dismissal

There will be a 1:00 dismissal on Wednesday, September 2 and Wednesday, September 16.

End of the Year Picnic

Dear Kindergarten Families,
We can’t believe the end of our school year is so close!  Thank you for sharing your youngster with us!  We have enjoyed watching the progress each of them has made and appreciate your support throughout the year!
Next week, we will be taking our youngsters on an end of the year picnic.  This will take place on Wednesday, May 31.  We plan on being at the swimming pool park around 9:30am and being back to Jacobson Elementary by 11:30am for specials.  Please send a sack lunch and drink to school with your child that day.  Parents are always welcome to join us for the morning.  If you choose to bring your child’s lunch to the park, please make certain he/she understands that so we don’t make arrangements for the school to pack a quick lunch for him/her.  If the weather does not cooperate with our plans, we will cancel the picnic and eat in our classrooms.
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February 2017 PBIS Party

Kindergarten Families,
Our classroom has earned another PBIS reward party.  The kids voted and chose to have an “In the Dark” party.  We will celebrate by keeping our classroom lights off all day, dressing in as much black as possible (please, no face paint), and Ms. Markwardt has a couple special “surprises” for the day’s festivities.
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Ms. Markwardt's kindergartners have earning a PBIS reward party for earning 100 tokens.  On Friday, April 7, students may wear pajamas and bring a stuffed animal to school.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015
Dear Kindergarten Families,
We are off to a GREAT start in kindergarten.  I am just going to touch on a couple items as our first week comes to an end.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for emptying your child’s folder each night and returning any homework he/she may have!  Our math books were printed incorrectly this summer as some of you have figured out.  The pages are back-to-back which is a HUGE inconvenience.  If something slips through (like last night’s homework), please improvise and do the best you can.  If you are unable to, homework can always be returned to school with a quick note jotted on it.  Thank you for your understanding!
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PBIS Reward Party

Dear Kindergarten Families,
Our classroom has earned the goal of 100 tokens for a PBIS reward party!  The kids brainstormed ideas and voted.  Next Thursday (10/8), they will be watching the movie, Frozen, and having popcorn. 
I am very proud of my kiddos and look forward to the fun day we have planned!
Ms. Markwardt
***Thank you to Emily’s family for letting us borrow your movie!..More Information

School Pictures

School Pictures are Tuesday, September 1, 2015!

Welcome Back!

Classes will begin on Monday, August 24th.  Our day runs from 8:10am to 3:20pm.  If you have not yet sent PE shoes, a rest towel, and/or your child's school supplies, please send them on Monday.  I look forward to getting to know your child, as well as your family!  We are going to have a GREAT year in kindergarten!

Winter Clothing

Monday, December 5, 2016
Dear Kindergarten Families,
Winter has finally arrived, and the snow is sticking to the ground.  This means that all kindergartners are now expected to come to school with a warm winter coat, snow pants, a hat, and gloves/mittens each day.  I have recess duty 3 days/week, and I can assure you, firsthand, that it is cold standing out there for 20 minutes twice/day.  Also, the little knit gloves are no longer good enough for the cold weather.  The wind blows right through them, and they get wet much too quickly.  Please make sure your youngster’s gloves/mittens are appropriate for our Iowa winters.  I have also encouraged the kindergartners to put an extra pair of socks and an extra pair of gloves/mittens in their backpack in case the ones they are wearing get wet.
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