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April News

Dinosaur Days!

April 3-7

Dear Preschool Families,

This week we will make a dinosaur egg using paper mache. We also plan to make dinosaur fossils, eat a stegosaurus snack, make a stegosaurus pattern headband, and plant seeds to observe their growth throughout the next weeks. Our letter for the week is Bb for bones. We’ve been talking a lot about dinosaur bones. The students love going back and forth from the light of the window to the dark of the bathroom to make our dinosaur bone book glow.

We have our duck eggs! Thank Larry and Karla Pals if you see them for their donation. We hope they hatch in about 4 weeks! We will be counting down!

The students had a great time last week. The morning class was able to participate in the carnival in the gym. Several games were set up and run by Belmond businesses. The kiddos enjoyed the games and prizes! The afternoon group was able to attend the NED show. ( N-Never give up. E-Encourage others D-Do your best!) It was very entertaining for everyone. We also reached our token goal and earned parachute fun. Both morning and afternoon classes played “Cat and Mouse”, “Shark” and even made a tent big enough for everyone to sit inside. It was a blast!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Sifert

Special Days:
Wed. April 5th - NO PRESCHOOL
Tuesday, April 11th – I will have a substitute. I will be taking my son to an appointment.
Friday, May 5th – Field trip to the Farm – More information will come home as the date gets closer (Rain date May, 12th) Wednesday, May 31st – Last day of Preschool
hursday, June 1st – Preschool Graduation in the Jacobson gymnasium – It will be in the morning and last no more than an hour, but the starting time has not been decided as I am working around other schedules. It should begin around 10:00am. More information will come home as the date gets closer!