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Technology Advisory Committee

The goal of this committee is to assure the technology infrastructure is maintained and developed to support the BKCSD curriculum. This committee will advise the Superintendent as to the possible direction the district may go forward with tech initiatives, and make recommendations to the superintendent to present to the BKCSD Board of Education. 

Currently the goals of the technology committee include providing leadership for technology planning and continuing to work to shape the vision for an integrated technology curriculum.   Committee members will be selected yearly and serve for a school calendar year. Membership will include:

  • Superintendent
  • Building Principals
  • Technology Director
  • Board Members (2) selected by Board of Education
  • Teachers (2 or 3) per building
  • Student (2)
  • Community  members (2)
Technology Teams
This team is made up primarily of staff in each building.  This staff will receive specialized training of topics related to tech integration, software, equipment, etc.  This team will communicate to the Advisory Committee needs, professional development initiatives, student achievement data related to tech integration.  This team will work with building principals to establish professional development plans, and will work with the technology director implementing plans, purchases, and other technology initiatives.
Student Technology Team

Students working on a tech team have a unique opportunity to shift their learning environment.  This shift occurs as the students acquire specific knowledge and skills, and then applying those skills in a meaningful way.  The logical and sequential process of technology troubleshooting, and learning of new skills, reinforces specific analytical and critical thinking skills that are often difficult to engage in during instruction for core content areas.  Essentially, student tech team members get to explore a new area of potential success for acquiring thinking skills.


The purpose of the membership list is to ensure strong communication links between the various membership roles. The committee has recommendation authority, but it should not be viewed as the conduit for specific technology requests from staff or administrators. Requests of that nature should be submitted through the district Technology Director.  

(Staff member > Building Principal/Tech. Director > Tech. Director/Building Principal> Superintendent)

Members should become conversant with the NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) as well as the Iowa Core Technology Standards.


BKCSD's Technology Committee’s mission is to research, recommend, and support the effective integration of both established and emerging technologies into the learning environment.  


Technology is changing the way people across the globe communicate, learn and work. In order to create an engaging learning environment and effectively prepare students for the future, schools must embrace technology and thoughtfully integrate it into the learning process. Simply stated, students that have the opportunity to learn and use new technologies will be in a more successful position in school and in the global marketplace.