Web 2.0
Below are some examples of what you can embed into your website/blog to help students, ready resources, or to compliment a lesson.  

This is cool!  Want to know what time zone someone else is in compared to your own zone?  Check out the world clock widget!

gmt time to pst

For Math

Embed a calculator into your site for student use with online e-worksheets!


For Science

Learn the basic facts about the elements of our universe with this easy-to-use, interactive, periodic table from ProProfs. Click on one of the elements on the periodic table to learn more about it. You can also type in the name of the element and the computer will find it for you.


For Language Arts

Citation Guides

Popular MLA guides: Book  | Journal  | Newspaper  | Magazine  | Website

Popular APA guides: Book | Journal | Newspaper | Magazine | Website

Popular Chicago guides: Book | Journal | Newspaper | Magazine | Website

Check out our other popular downloads:

EasyBib: the bibliography maker.

Want to share, or have others share,  what you just posted to a social network? 

Or for a smaller size embed the below code (found HERE)