Belmond-Klemme Vocal Music Department
Choir Leadership Council

This school year, the Belmond-Klemme Vocal Music Department is continuing it's Choir Leadership Council. The purpose of this group of students is to assist with day to day activities within the department to help it run smoothly. They are also the student representatives and leadership that fellow students in choir can approach in addition to Mr. Howell regarding new ideas for the department and for the choir. 

New Group Choir Leadership Council

Contact our Leadership Council with any questions that you may have. Our Officers have emails that you can contact them by...
Colby Schumann            President
Cloe Brown                     Vice President
Angela Benavides          Marketing Chair & Recruitment
Ruby Mercado                Secretary/ Librarian
Easton Smith                  Equipment/ Setup Chair
Mr. Zach Howell             Choir Director

Jr. High Choir Leadership Council
Cole Nelson               President
Madi Barrus               Vice President
September Ricke       Secretary/ Librarian
Brooklynn Winders    Social Chair/ Recruitment

*HS Choir Leadership Council will be selected after the school year begins

These leadership positions were chosen by Mr. Howell based on their responses to their online application that they submitted and current standing in the choir (Grade, Behavior, Work Ethic, promptness etc.) Students who wish to apply for a position for the 2017-2018 school year, may do so at the end of this school year. Criteria can be found on the Application Page in April of 2017.