September 1, 2015

Under the blog link you are able to see the actual daily activities that are happening in Language Arts.  This is the location that I will list the parameters of assignments and expecations of daily routines.

DOL's:  Every day the students are expected to complete a DOL (Daily Oral Language).  The purpose of the DOL's is to give the students practice in everyday language corrections and usage of various grammar expectations.  The first two weeks the DOL's were not graded but starting 9-8-15 they will be graded.  

Journals: Each week the students are expected to free write in their journals.  They have to write at least one solid paragraph.  Each entry needs to be about half of a page. The students' journals are not graded for grammar and punctuation.  It is important for me to see the students to write for the joy of writing.  They have a full week to turn it in.  All journals have to be turned in by Friday afternoon.  The journals are to stay at school unless prior approval.  The students have many different opportunities to write in their journals through out the day.