The 4 Houses of the B-K Vocal Music Program

In all choirs, students were sorted into four different houses. These houses are the groups that these students work together with in rehearsal as well as daily activities and routines in the Music Classroom. The purpose of this is to instill a sense of community and togetherness and working in a collaborative group together with people that you are paired up with by chance.

Every week, students are able to earn points by positive classroom behavior and outstanding participation. In the same way, they lose points if their classroom skills and manors are inappropriate. At the end of each week, students of the winning house receive a special recognition. At the end of the year, the house with the most points receives a special prize.   
You can find out more about the houses and their individuals below.

Mozart                  Wagner             Whitacre               Gershwin
      0                            0                          0                                  0          

*Reset points at the beginning of 2nd semester

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Composer From the Classical Era
Considered a Genius
Arrogant but Compassionate
A perfectionist but creative

Richard Wagner 
Composer From the Romantic Era
Control freak but smart
Harsh but organized
Controversial but popular

Eric Whitacre 

Current Composer for the Choral Music World
Born: 1970
Inspirational but complicated
Ground breaking but challenging
Innovative but Constant

George Gershwin

Composer From the 20th Century Era
1898 - 1937
Talented but complicated
Charming but taken
Successful by short life